How Can I Make a Warped Door Fit Into the Doorway?

Warps and swellings occur due to a heat source that is too close to the door or because of poor ventilation in the home. Avoid placing heaters less than 36 inches from a door, because heat causes wood to expand against its frame. Luckily, this problem can be easily fixed.

How to Repair a Warped Door

To determine how to fix your door, you will first need find where the warp is. If the door is not closing properly, it can be assumed that the door has swollen against the floor, part of the frame or the ceiling. To find a warped place in the center of a door, put a tape measure against the door and let it hang to reach the floor. There should be no space between the door and tape measure.

Once you have determined where the warp is, follow these steps:

  1. Detach the door by using a screwdriver and a hammer to remove the hinge pins. Be careful not to bend the pins.
  2. Once you have the door free and have determined the location of the damage, use a wood plane to sand away enough wood to allow the door to open and close again.
  3. For the final touches, use paint and wood finish to cover the bare wood.

How to Make a Warped Door Fit Into the Doorway

If you wait too long to fix a warped door, the problem can escalate, making it impossible to fix. This is where DIY Door Store can help. No matter what size or brand your door is, DIY Door Store offers a wide variety of parts and hardware for your warped door. Find affordable parts made by Taylor Door, Fox Weldoor, Masonite, Sears, Rusco at DIY Door Store. For more information about how to fix a warped door or the parts we sell, call (888) 998-3667. We make it easy to fix any problem you have with your door.

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