How Do I Fix a Broken Door Frame?

When you’re faced with a broken door frame, there are simple steps to repairing your door. Depending on the damage, you will be able to carefully put the door frame back together, mold and paint it to look like new. Just follow the following steps:

How to Fix and Replace a Broken Door Frame

  1. If the door frame and trim is severely damaged, you will need to carefully remove the rest of the trim off of the door.
  2. Open the splits in the door frame and apply wood glue into all of the gaps. Immediately after you apply the wood glue, use a clamp over the area and tighten it until excess glue oozes out.
  3. Remove the clamps and re-line the repaired trim to the door frame.
  4. Make sure the door closes properly and that the frame has the same gap up and down the frame (use cedar shims behind the frame to get it straight).
  5. Use an 8d finish nail to drive the frame through the shims and into the stud.
  6. Remove old finish nails from the trim with pliers. Pull the nails out from the backside.
  7. Re-install the strike plate onto the repaired door frame.
  8. Use wood putty to smooth out small cracks and splits.
  9. Sand and smooth wood putty and add paint.

How Do I Repair a Severely Broken Door Frame

If your current door frame is severely damaged, you might need to buy a new frame. This is when DIY Door Store can help you. No matter what size or brand your door is, DIY Door Store offers a full line of door parts and hardware for broken door frames. Why replace the whole door when you can simply replace the frame? Find affordable door frames by Taylor Door, Fox Weldoor, Masonite, Sears, Rusco and more at DIY Door Store. If you need more information about how to fix a broken door frame, or if you want to know more about the door frames we sell, call (888) 998-3667. We make it easy to fix a broken door frame without buying a new door!

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