How To Replace Broken Glass In A Patio Door

Patio doors can fill a home with tons of natural light and great views of the outdoors, however when the glass in a patio door is broken it needs to be replaced. Shattered or cracked glass in a patio door probably looks very difficult to replace. However, replacing broken glass in a patio door is easy with the right directions. It can actually be done yourself so you don’t have to hassle with hiring someone. Follow these simple steps to replace broken glass in a patio door and start enjoying your outdoor view from your home again in no time.

Simple Steps To Replace Broken Glass in a Patio Door

The supplies that you will need to successfully replace broken glass in a patio door are gloves, a hammer, a pry bar, a putty knife, measuring tape, a permanent marker, replacement glass, a glass cutter and caulk. There will be no need to remove the entire door to replace broken glass, but remember to always wear gloves to prevent cuts from the glass.

  1. Use a putty knife, small pry bar and a hammer to remove the trim around the broken glass. This will get installed later so set it to the side in a safe area. Remove any nails that remain in the trim.
  2. Take the broken glass out from the opening and use the putty knife to scrape off any glass fragments that may be stuck to the original caulk.
  3. Take measurements of the empty opening from left to right and top to bottom and take away ¼ inch from both measurements. This is going to be the size of your new glass piece
  4. Lay out your new piece of glass onto a surface that is large enough to hold it. Use a permanent marker to mark your measurements for cutting and place a straight edge against the marks. Use the glass cutter and gently scribe across the line making several gentle lines. Don’t just make one deep cut because this will cause the glass to break
  5. Using clear silicone caulk, apply a small amount around the edges of the glass opening. Take the piece of glass and gently place it into the caulk. Next, place a line a caulk around the inside edges of the installed glass. You can now replace the trim using the same size nails and the same nail holes.

Replace Broken Glass in a Patio Door Yourself

Use these simple five steps to replace broken glass in a patio door and fix it yourself. Replacing broken glass in a patio door yourself is easy and DIY Door Store has the materials you need to do it. You can get all of your tools and replacement glass from DIY Door Store for an affordable price. Don’t worry about replacing the entire door or hiring someone to fix your broken glass and do it yourself. Call DIY Door Store at (888) 998 - 3667 today to learn more about the materials we have so that you can quickly replace broken glass in a patio door.

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