How do I Replace Blind Glass Windows?

Over time, blind glass windows in your doors can become, foggy, worn out and even cracked. And even though you have blinds to cover up those worn out windows, you still know it is time to replace the blind glass windows. When it comes time to replace blind glass windows for your door, you do not need to call a professional. All you need are the right tools and instructions and you can do it yourself! You might think that replacing blind glass windows is hard, but if you just follow these simple instructions, before you know it will won’t have to have those blinds down all day long to cover up your old glass window. Shop here for blind glass windows.

Materials You Will Need to Your Blind Glass Window

  • Replacement Glass
  • Putty Knife
  • Flathead Screwdriver
  • Work Gloves
  • Heat Gun
  • Sandpaper
  • Glazing Compound
  • Glazing Points
  • Caulk Gun

Removing Old Blind Glass Window

When removing blind glass window, you want to be very careful, so wear work gloves. The first step is to soften the area around the window, making it easier for the blind glass to come out. With traditional glazing, soften the old putty with a heat gun or torch. Be careful not to scorch the wood. Get your putty knife and scrape away the soft putty. Once the putty is softened and removed, you should be able to remove the blind glass window and the metal glazing points. Sand the corners of the opening to ensure an easy installation.

Installing New Blind Glass in Windows

The first step to preparing to install the new blind glass window is to apply a thin layer of glazing compound in the primed corners of the opening. Take the blind glass opening, and press it up against the glazing compound lightly to bed it. Press in new glazing points and put them in about every 10 inches apart from one another using the tip of a putty knife. Apply glazing compound around the new blind glass window and smooth the glazing out with a wet fingertip or a wet cloth.

Blind Glass Window Parts

There is never any need to class a professional when you need to replace your blind glass window. And luckily there is a store that sells all the parts and tools that you will need to replace blind glass windows yourself! For more tips and information on replacing blind glass windows yourself call the DIY Door Store at 888-998-3667. Click here to shop for blind glass window parts here today!

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