How to Fix a Warped Door Frame

Warped door frames can cause a door to jam or stick. There are simple steps to fixing a warped door frame. With a little bit of instruction, you’ll be able to remove molding and repair a warped door frame in no time! Just follow these simple steps and your door frame will look brand new!

Steps to Repair a Warped Door Frame

  1. The first thing you’ll need to do is remove the trim strips around the door frame.
  2. The trim strips are the pieces of wood that surround the door. Make sure you remove the molding slowly to avoid splitting or cracking.
  3. Evaluate the warped door frame. If the door frame is rubbing on the frame, hammer it tighter!
  4. If it’s too loose, remove the shims so the door can be tightened around the door frame.
  5. Plane the frame if the door frame is too tight around the wall frame. To plane a frame, take wood evenly off the frame where the door is rubbing.
  6. Shim the frame if it’s too loose. To make the frame tighter, use wedge-shaped shims. Make sure you trim the shims trim the shims before replacing the molding!
  7. Replace the molding by using finishing nails to fasten the frame molding and trim!
  8. Spackle gaps and nail holes if there are.

Fixing a Warped Door Frame

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