HSI "Kinetic" Hold Open Heavy Duty Door Closer Kit
HSI 'Kinetic' Hold Open Heavy Duty Door Closer Kit

HSI "Kinetic" Hold Open Heavy Duty Door Closer Kit

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HSI "Kinetic" Hold Open Heavy Duty Door Closer Kit
KINETIC or “Soft Close” closer is the latest innovation by HSI.  This closer contains a preset NO-Bounce initial closing action allowing for a smooth close from beginning to end.  Due to the latest in technology, the tube is pressurized immediately upon opening resulting in a smooth close that is controlled by adjusting the speed adjustment screw on the end of the closer.  The “hold open” feature is an innovative PATENTED design that engages with a light tap on the end of the closer.  The hold open feature is disengaged by tapping the door slightly open, releasing the hold open mechanism.

Recommended for heavier half view storm doors, full view storm doors or metal security doors 1-1/4” to 1-3/4” thick.  Strong spring forces generates enough power to securely latch your heavier door.

All closers contain a closing speed adjustment screw, built in “kick” to ensure your door properly latches onto the door strike and all installation hardware.
Application: Heavy Half View and Full View Storm Doors or Metal Security Doors 
Tube Diameter:  1-1/2” Aluminum Tube
Tube Length (approximately): 10-5/8”
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