Entry Door Glass Inserts Replacement

If your glass door has a glass insert, chances are that it has its fair share of scratches and maybe even a few cracks. Well, you could spend the money on having a repairman come out and charge you for the entry door glass inserts replacement, along with a service fee. But why go through all that, when you could do the entry door glass inserts replacement on your own with tools you most likely already have around your house? Here are a few simple steps to doing an entry door glass inserts replacement.

Materials Needed For Entry Door Glass Inserts Replacement

Most of these materials are pretty basic, and are probably already lying around the garage. You made need to make a quick trip up to the hardware store, but other than that these items should be pretty readily available:

  • Replacement glass insert
  • Hammer
  • Finishing nails
  • Tape measure
  • Glazing compound caulk
  • Metal putty knife
  • Work gloves

Removing Broken Entry Door Glass Insert

Most entry door glass inserts are held in using a wooden frame, called wood stops. Here are the basic steps to removing the wood stops for entry door glass inserts:

  1. Locate nails holding stops in place, and remove old caulk using a metal putty knife
  2. Once caulk is removed, using your putty knife, carefully pry up the four wood stops
  3. Now that the stops are loosened, carefully remove them and the nails, and set them aside to be used later
  4. Carefully remove the broken entry door glass insert and throw it away

Entry Door Glass Inserts Replacement Steps

  1. First you need to double check and make sure the entry door glass inserts replacement is the correct size. You can do this by measuring out the height and width. You're going to want to be about an eighth of an inch shorter on both sides, that way there is room for the entry door glass inserts replacement to expand and fit better
  2. Now apply the glazing compound to the inside of the entry door glass inserts replacement with the caulk gun
  3. Place the new entry door glass inserts replacement into the opening on the side that the glass has the glaze compound
  4. Reinstall the wood stops and fasten each of them in with the small finishing nails.

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