Fixing a Broken Glass Insert in an Entry Door

Do you need to fix the broken glass insert in your entry door but don’t want pay somebody to do it? Well then you’re in luck! Fixing a broken glass insert is easy when you are given the right instructions. Just follow these simple instructions and before you know it you will have a new glass insert in your entry door.

Materials You Will Need to Fix a Broken Glass Insert in an Entry Door

  • Replacement Glass
  • Hammer
  • Finishing Nails
  • Measuring Tape
  • Caulk Gun
  • Glazing Compound Caulk
  • Metal Putty Knife
  • Work Gloves

Removing Glass Insert from Broken Door

Most likely the glass that you want to replace is held in place by a wood frame, also known as wood stops. On one side of the door, there will be nails holding the stops in place. On the other side the door is connected to the frame, so there will not be any visible nails. When replacing glass, you will be working on the side where you can see the nails. In order to remove the glass, you first have to remove the old caulk that is holding the stops in place using a metal putty knife. Once the caulk is removed, gently pry the four stops away from the door using your putty knife. Once you have loosened the stops and have been able to remove them, remove the nails and set the stops aside so you can reuse them. Carefully remove the glass and dispose it.

Replacing Glass Inserts in Entry Doors

You need to make sure that you have the correct size glass for your door. Take your measuring tape and measure the width and height of the frame past the wood paneling. After you measure, subtract one-eighth of an inch from the width and the height. Not only will subtracting one-eighth allow easier installation, it will also allow the glass to expand and extract giving it some wiggle room. Once you have the correct size glass, apply glazing compound to the inside of the window frame with your caulk gun. Place the new glass into the opening that is outlined with caulk and start reinstalling the wooden stops one at a time. Fasten each of the wooden stops in place using a small finish nail. And you now have a new piece of glass in your entry door!

Repair Parts for Fixing a Broken Glass Insert in an Entry Door

Why call a professional to fix your broken glass insert in an entry door when you can do it yourself? You just need to make sure that you have the proper tools and instructions and you can fix any broken door yourself. When you want to fix your broken door or broken glass insert, visit DIY Door Store for all your tools and supplies. For more information on how to fix a broken glass insert in an entry door or other door repair instructions call the DIY Door Store at 888-998-3667. Click here to shop for entry door glass inserts online today!

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