How Hard Is It To Replace A Door?

How hard is it to replace a door?Replacing a door can be complicated and expensive when hiring someone to do it. Replacing the door is usually necessary too because broken doors can cause serious problems for a house. If you have a broken door that needs to be replaced, consider just how hard is it to replace a door yourself before hiring someone. This will save you some money, and you may find that replacing a door is easier than you think. When a door is badly warped or damaged, it’s time to be replaced so follow these steps to learn just how easy replacing a door can be.

Steps To Replacing A Door

  • Remove the old door and be careful not to lose the pins.
  • Trace the old door to mark the new door for trimming.
  • Cut the new door down to size using a hand plane saw or a circular saw.
  • Lay out the hinge mortises by lining them up with the old door hinges.
  • Use a chisel to make room for the new hinges
  • Make sure your new door fits in the opening and then screw on the hinges.
  • Drill for the new lockset and assemble it if necessary. There might only be a handle and no lockset for an interior door.
  • Hang your new door, and if it rattles when you close it for the first time bend the metal tab that’s located inside the strike plate.

Replacing an Interior Door With Ease

These simple steps to replacing a door can save you the money and time of hiring someone to replace it. To find quality door replacement parts check out DIY Door Store. We have a large selection of door replacement parts so that by following these steps replacing your door is as easy as ever. You are sure to find the best brands and great prices at DIY Door Store! For more information on how to replace a door and what parts should be used to do so call (888) 998-3667 today.

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