Replace Glass Pane in Patio Sliding Door

Patio sliding doors are great for any home. They brighten up any room they’re placed in and can bring in a nice cooling breeze. With any door, patio sliding doors can become hard to open, difficult to slide or start sticking on the track. If you have to jiggle the door or use a lot of force to open your patio door, it’s probably time for your patio door to get a tune up. Repairing patio sliding door is easy and will help you get things rolling in no time. Mud, food, hair and other particles get easily stuck into the track of a sliding patio door. To keep your door running like new, make sure you clean the track of the door as often as you can and lubricate the track every few months to keep the door moving as smoothly as possible.

Replacing Patio Sliding Door

With sliding patio doors, there is always a chance of the glass become cracked, shattered or broken. Replacing glass in patio sliding door is not a simple task. If you need to replace the glass in a sliding patio door, you may want to consider buying a newer sliding glass door for your replacement. Replacing your patio sliding door is simple, easy and cost effective. The first thing you will need to do is look at the top and bottom of your patio door, and find the screws that are holding your patio door in place. When you’ve removed the adjustment screws, you can now prop out the glass door. Look on the inside of your door frame to find the screws that are holding the frame in place. Once you’ve taken out the screws holding the frame in place, remove the frame

Replacing Glass in Patio Sliding Door

Once you’ve removed the glass and old frame from the wall, you can now install your new patio door! Insert the new frame where the old frame used to sit. Once you have fully installed the frame, you can carefully place the new sliding doors in place. You will need at least one other person to help you lift the new sliding patio doors into place. Adjust the doors to make sure they are level. Shut the doors and check to see if there are any small adjustments that need to be made and get the door tight to where it touches the frame.

Patio Sliding Door Replacement Parts

If you’re having problems with your patio sliding door and need a replacement, DIY Door Store has you covered. If you’re struggling to open your patio door, have broken or cracked glass or any problems, let DIY Door Store be your solution. We have everything you need to fix your sliding glass patio door! With affordable prices and a knowledgeable staff, DIY Door Store can help you with any door project you need help with. To find out more information about DIY Door Store or to find direction on how to fix or install your new sliding patio door, call us at (888) 998 - 3667 today!

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