Restoring Glass Panels in a Wooden Door

You don’t need to call a professional when it comes to restoring glass panels in a wooden door. All you need are the proper instructions and materials and you can fix it all by yourself in just a short amount of time. Just follow these simple instructions and soon you will have a new piece of glass in your wooden door.

What You Will Need to Restore Your Glass Panel in a Wooden Door:

  • Replacement Glass
  • Hammer
  • Finishing Nails
  • Measuring Tape
  • Caulk Gun
  • Glazing Compound Caulk
  • Metal Putty Knife
  • Work Gloves

Taking Old Glass Panel Out from Wooden Door

The wood that is surrounding the glass panel are called wooden stops. In order to remove the glass, you first need to remove the wooden stops. Using your metal putty knife, carefully try to wiggle the wooden stops off (try not to break them so you can reuse them). Once you have the stops off, use the putty knife to remove the old caulk from around the glass. When all the caulk is cleaned off, remove the nails and then carefully remove the glass and dispose of it.

Replacing New Glass Panel into Wooden Door

The first step to replacing the new glass is making sure that you have the correct size glass. You can do this by measuring the height and the width of the opening past the wood paneling, and subtracting one-eighth of an inch. This allows the glass to expand and extract. Once you have the correct size glass, apply glazing compound caulk to the inside of the window frame. Place the new glass into the opening and then one at a time start reinstalling the wooden stops. With small finishing nails, fasten each of the wooden stops. And now you have just restored your glass panel in a wooden door.

Parts for Replacing Glass Panels in a Wooden Door

There is no need to call a professional when you can restore glass panels in a wooden door yourself. All you need are the proper tools and some easy to follow instructions, and you can fix your door in no time! DIY Door Store has all the tools and materials you need to fix any broken door. For more tips on fixing your door yourself and more information on supplies call the DIY Door Store at 888-998-3667. Shop for door parts here today!

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