What Is The Best Way To Repair A Door Jamb?

Replacing a door jamb is a crucial part in fixing a door, and if door jambs aren’t fixed they could lead to other problems with the door. Fixing a door jamb is fairly easy and only takes between one and two hours to complete. Follow these steps for fixing a door jamb so you can fix it yourself and save the money it takes to hire someone.

Easy Steps To Repair A Door Jamb

  • Remove all nails and screws from the damaged or old door jamb area.
  • Nail 1x4 pine blocks to the damaged area to create a guide for your router. This will make it easier to cut a straight line.
  • Adjust the router’s depth of cut to equal your wood thickness. Use a straight cutter routing bit.
  • Set your router in place against the inside edge of your guide board.
  • Use the router and cut out all of the wood from the damaged door jamb.
  • After cutting out the damaged area, remove the guide boards and use a chisel to square up the corners where you just routed.
  • Set the wood patch in place and use a utility knife to mark it for cutting. This is more accurate than a pencil when it comes to routing.
  • Use the miter box and cut the wood to size
  • Use carpenter’s glue and nails to attach to the door jamb.
  • Using a random-orbit sander, smooth down the wood.
  • Apply one primer coat and two coats of paint to the repaired door jamb area.

Quickly Repair A Door Jamb

Follow these easy steps to quickly repair a door jamb in two hours or less. At DIY Door Store, we offer the best way to repair a door jamb, and we will save you money and time. When it comes to repairing your door jamb, don’t buy a whole new door! We have the door replacement parts to fix a door jamb. DIY Door Store has everything you need! We have top brands including Masonite, Trapp and Therma-Tru door replacement parts. Call DIY Door Store today at (888) 998 - 3667 to learn more about the best products you will need to fix a door jamb yourself.

What is the best way to repair a door jamb?
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